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Relationship Expert Idit Sharoni and Breakup Specialist Alina Gershonov teamed up to bring you invaluable relationship advice and easy-to-apply tips and ideas about common relationship issues. Let's un-complicate your relationship!

Sep 17, 2018

Betrayed partners are exposed to a great amount of uncertainty when they learn their spouse has been unfaithful. One of the things they often hear is "Once a cheater always a cheater". Is this ture?

Listen to Miami's relationship expert Idit Sharoni expressing her thoughts and ideas about the old saying based on her...

Aug 27, 2018

Do you hear from your spouse that they need to feel more loved? Do they tell you you're not making time for them, attending to them, or making them feel appreciated enough?

That is a very real issue for many modern relationships these days. So, how do you make your partner feel loved and cared for without jeopardising...

Jul 30, 2018

A couple wanted to know if as a marriage therapist Idit believed they could change after 20 years of marriage. 

Her answer was not what you might expect, but it was positive. In this episode relationship expert Idit Sharoni will tell you what it takes to make changes in long term relationships of 10 years and up. 


Jul 16, 2018

Have guilt or shame stopped you from being able to make your relationship work after infidelity? Has guilt made you more defensive than helpful or remorseful? Or, has shame made you more confused about whether to stay or leave your cheating spouse?

These are all negative outcomes of guilt, blame or shame that occur in...

Jul 2, 2018

You finally decided to go to couples counseling, but now you have to find a good therapist.

You Google couples counseling in your area and you start making some calls. How do you know which one is the right therapist for your relationship? Do you determine by price, availability, location? Or are there more criteria you...