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Relationship Expert Idit Sharoni brings you invaluable relationship advice and easy-to-apply tips and ideas about common relationship issues. Let's un-complicate your relationship!

Jul 24, 2017

Have you recently asked yourself, "How did my relationship get to this point?"

If you are in a new relationship or in a committed relationship for a while and things are not going as well as you'd hoped they would in the beginning, then this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated could help you. 

Breakup Specialist Alina Gershonov and Relationship Expert Idit Sharoni discuss the reasons Why We Overlook Red Flags in Relationships.

One message Idit & Alina really emphasize during this episode is that your instincts or intuition are rarely wrong. They discuss ways you can listen to it along with signs of red flags. 

If you want to find out if you are ignoring the red flags in your relationship, then take the free quiz below.

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