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Oct 11, 2021

Are you hurting badly now and wondering whether infidelity pain will ever go away? Are you concerned about what life will be like after you heal?

This is not unusual. This, or some form of this line of thinking, is a concern both hurt and unfaithful partners share. This is particularly true for couples who are trying to heal and go back to normal. 

Even that very word, “normal,” can be triggering. So many questions and concerns come up for couples and to help get some answers, I talked things through with a guest therapist.

Tune into this episode to learn tips to better handle the aftermath of the aftermath of infidelity.

You are also invited to learn more about our infidelity recovery coaching program. If you like what you read, schedule a 45-minute free consultation to see if it would be the best fit to enhance your healing process. 

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