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Relationship Expert Idit Sharoni brings you invaluable relationship advice and easy-to-apply tips and ideas about common relationship issues. Let's un-complicate your relationship!

Aug 7, 2017

Ever wonder if you're spending too much time with your significant other?

On this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated, Relationship Expert Idit Sharoni and Breakup Specialist Alina Gershonov address a question they received from one of their podcast listeners. 

Idit and Alina offer their different perspectives on this topic along with valuable indicators and advice on time spent together in a relationship, in addition to healthy ways of separating work life and home life. 

Don't miss out on Alina's freebie below: 10 Warning Signs of A Toxic Relationship.

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Freebie mentioned: 10 Warning Signs of A Toxic Relationship (click here)

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