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Relationship Expert Idit Sharoni brings you invaluable relationship advice and easy-to-apply tips and ideas about common relationship issues. Let's un-complicate your relationship!

Oct 30, 2017

On this episode of Relationships uncomplicated, Breakup Specialist Alina Gershonov shares the upside to putting off the pivotal divorce talk with your family. 

How To Have The Divorce Talk With Your Kids, Alina offers insight into your children's perspective when it comes to how they may take the big news.

Together with...

Oct 23, 2017

Those of you in long-term romantic relationships may be feeling like something is off between you and your spouse, yet you can't quite pinpoint what's going on or how you even ended up at this point. 

Relationship Expert Idit Sharoni sheds light on this often brought up issue in couples therapy. Idit also introduces a...

Oct 16, 2017

On this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated, Breakup Specialist Alina Gershonov discusses common self-sabotage scenarios that arise in relationships. 

The examples mentioned are paired with the underlying reason behind the behaviors. She hopes to spread awareness to better individuals for themselves and their future...

Oct 9, 2017

On this episode of Relationships Uncomplicated, Relationship Expert Idit Sharoni sheds light on a situation many couples with infidelity issues deal with.

This episode offers a freebie: The Step By Step Overall Healing After Infidelity Plan.

After the initial phase of shock, couples try to avoid the pain and...

Oct 2, 2017

Do you feel like your happiness is in your partner's hands?

Do you constantly go back and forth in your mind about whether you want to stay or not? 

Breakup Specialist Alina Gershonov sheds light on why so many people fear leaving a relationship that’s miserable and how more fear of not finding someone or something...